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Thank you so much for stopping in to browse our shop, which is proudly owned by Jay, Nikki, and Tammy. Our story began over 30 years ago when we first met. Life took us on individual journeys, each of us wishing for a way to share our unique talents, but not knowing quite how to do that. This is probably one of the last ways we had ever imagined that happening, but yet, we could not be more excited. Our goal is to create a fun way to shop from the comfort of home, offering a variety of products at a reasonable price. We also hope that we get to meet each of you on Facebook live, allowing us the opportunity to share our adventure and put a smile on each of your faces. Welcome to our pearl family!


1.)Like and follow our page so that you will be notified of upcoming live dates, sales, and events.

2.) Please tell us your cage picks by number. There are a variety of options and this is the best way to guarantee you receive the correct choices. 

3.) Purchases will be opened in the order they are received. Please feel free to pre-order to avoid a lineup and take advantage of pre-order bonuses.